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What can I do to keep my child’s teeth healthy?

The best thing parents can do is to encourage healthy eating habits and routine brushing and flossing. Between-meal snacks should be limited so that a child does not continuously snack throughout the day. Sticky foods such as fruit snacks and gummy candies should be avoided, as they are not easily brushed out of teeth, and lead to cavities. Snacks including string cheese, fresh fruits or vegetables should be encouraged. Juice consumption should be limited to no more than 4-6 ounces per day, and given only at mealtimes. Many parents dilute juice with water, but it is important to remember that diluted juice still contains sugar, but most importantly, acid. Parents should maintain a regular brushing schedule of twice a day (i.e. after breakfast and before bed). As soon as the 2-year molars erupt, parents can floss between the teeth to prevent cavities from forming in these areas.

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