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Our Mission

At Treetop Pediatric Dentistry, we provide superior quality oral and dental health care for infants, children, teenagers and those with special needs by fostering a fun and engaging environment. We believe our role is to educate and serve our patients and families, be an advocate for our patients, and treat their questions, concerns, and needs as if they were our own.

Our Practice Philosophy

At Treetop Pediatric Dentistry, we consider it an honor and privilege to have you as our patient. We respect and acknowledge the fact that parents have entrusted us to care for their child, and we pledge to always do what is in the best interest of their child. While our number one priority is to be an advocate for the oral health of the child, we also want to empower parents as the decision-makers to be fully educated and knowledgeable about our treatment recommendations and procedures. Our ultimate goal is to help equip every child with the tools to live a cavity-free life. We believe that prevention is the best dental care and education is the key.

When your child visits us in our office, we pledge to you that we will provide a family-oriented environment that is founded on integrity and honesty. Our office is always striving to be more efficient and we will respect the value of your time.

We rely on our specialized training to help alleviate any fears your child may have and would request that you would join us by using only child-friendly language in preparation for your visit. It is important to refrain from the use of negative words that will cause unnecessary fear. In our office, we recommend treatment that, in our opinion, is the best for each child’s unique circumstance and will treat and protect that child as if they were our own.

When fillings or crowns are required, we strive to provide the best quality restoration possible utilizing top quality materials. This means we will try to use tooth colored restorations whenever possible to maintain the smile you love so much.

As a business, we seek to be contributing members to the community and fulfill our commitment to and passion for dental health education.