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Happy Teeth Academy

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It’s expected that children will receive superior care when they visit Dr. Brandon at Treetop Pediatric Dentistry. But doing the unexpected by going the extra mile makes an even greater impact in the life of a child. Dr. Brandon does just that, by reaching children throughout our community and making an impact that they will remember.
Happy Teeth New Braunfels, TX

Investing Time Today for a Healthier Tomorrow

Treetop Pediatric Dentistry’s mission is to educate and serve patients in a fun and engaging environment. To accomplish this, Dr. Brandon created Happy Teeth Academy to help young children understand the importance of establishing healthy habits at an early age. Dr. Brandon and his staff are passionate about sharing the importance of proper dental hygiene with pre-school and elementary aged children. Their special way with children makes learning fun…and memorable!

Treetop Pediatric Dentistry’s visits to Mother’s Day Out, pre-schools and elementary schools are always an exciting, fun time for young children. These presentations include:

Changing the Way Kids Feel About Dentists

Visiting the dentist care can be fun…and Dr. Brandon’s Happy Teeth Academy is proving it every day!
Happy Teeth Being Brushed
Dr. Brandon and the entire staff at Treetop Pediatric Dentistry are passionate about creating positive results in our community through outreach programs. Now, a child’s first introduction to a dentist is a fun and educational experience. Suddenly the dentist isn’t a stranger, but a trusted friend. Trust is the first step in making your child’s experience with a dentist an enjoyable time, and everyone at Treetop 
Pediatric Dentistry knows how to earn their trust and friendship.

Schedule a Visit For YOUR Child’s School!

Dr. Brandon in the Classroom

Contact Treetop Pediatric Dentistry today and schedule a date to have Dr. Brandon come to your child’s school. If your school is looking for a fun educational field trip, we love when classes come to visit our office! Kids get the same important information we share during our school visits PLUS they’ll get a tour of our office

Building trust while having fun: it’s no surprise that kids love us! We consider it an honor and privilege to serve our community and thank you in advance for letting Treetop Pediatric Dentistry partner in your child’s good health!